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Albanian Dating Culture

October 7, 2019
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As you know, Albania is a very prim country in which traditions are strictly respected. Therefore, compliance with the rules of the first date is mandatory. The first meeting is scheduled exclusively in the middle of the week. It is customary to spend Friday evening in Albania with friends. The standard venue for romantic meetings with Albanian women is in the pub. Only on the first date does the guy pay the bill for the girl. During subsequent meetings, you will be required to divide the amount in half. According to the Albania dating rules, the question of sex on the first date is not even discussed, stiff Albanian women are waiting time and find out their partner better.

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Since Albanian women are pragmatic and modest people, therefore, although there is romance, respect for each other is more important to them – this is the key to an ideal relationship. It is not necessary for a woman to pay for dinner, but out of politeness, she can offer such an option that the man does not feel obligated to do this. Even if a decision is made to split the account, there is nothing shameful in this, because no one owes anything to anyone. Sometimes a woman may even be offended if it seems to her that in this way – automatically paying the whole bill – a man makes her understand that he does not consider her self-sufficient. In the same way, things are in everyday life.

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A man can cook dinner, walk a dog and do laundry so as not to burden a busier female partner. Reminding each other about gender roles and responsibilities is not entirely appropriate, because everyone understands how the social structure has changed in modern society. So, now you know a little more tips about dating in Albanian culture. However, it was about real dating.

Dating Albanian Women Online

Traditionally, it is easier to have the first dating online than rel meeting in life. Due to the Albanian dating rules, online dating is a good chance to get to know more about Albanian brides. However, there are several tips, which you should regard to put your relationships to the next level. First of all, do not insist to meet online. Albanian women are very busy, so they can not meet with you online when you only want it. During the first alive conversation via the internet, try to talk as little as possible about your achievements as Albanian women do not like men who boast of their money or cars. A first online meeting can be conducted very easy, as Albanian women can maintain every topic you only want. So, do not be afraid of it.

Albanian Dating Customs

It doesn’t matter which way of meeting you will choose. In both: in online and real meeting you have to prepare carefully as Albanian dating rules demand it.


From early childhood, Albanian girls conducted in strong and high family values. They know how to impress by the perfect outfit. As a rule, Albanian women spend a lot of time to get a number of clothes. So, it is strongly recommended to omit meeting in shorts and sandals. You won’t impress her and she will be shocked.  You need to wear as you are going to have an interview in a popular magazine. It does not matter how your look will cost. It is quite more important to look tender.

Show Your Good Manners

Albanian women prefer to be in the world of intelligence. If you are meeting in real life, you should open the doors in front of your lady and put the chairs in the right places and others. When you’re chatting, write to her many compliments. However, don’t write about her legs or hips. Generally, you shouldn’t talk about sexual themes for the first time.

Bring Her a Present for the Date

Albanian women will appreciate your gifts, especially, flowers. When you bring her a bucket, she may feel like a real lady. Also, it’s good to bring some sweets, if your girlfriend is not in a     diet. Generally, you should not have a reason to make her positive. The best reason for it is love.

Be Interested in Albanian Culture

Do you know anything about Albania? If you don’t know basic tips about Albania, you have twice fewer chances. You should search in Google for some Latvian history and cultural guide. Albanians women will be impressed by your knowledge. She will think you’re a really serious man and a lady will be warmer with you.

Text to Her as much as possible

You should write to her after the first date to show that you are happy about your first meeting. Most of the mail order brides are waiting for the message from their partners. Try to designate the date of the next meeting.

Take the Initiative in Your Hands

Albanian women are afraid of men, who hesitate about the solution where to go or what to buy. For the first time, you can go to a restaurant for lunch. Then, you can go to the cinema, theatre or a romantic supper. From first sight, Albanian women are seemed to be independent. But, honestly, they are like all traditional women want to get a piece of warm from a real brave man.


To sum up, you see that dating in Albanian culture is not very hard and more even interesting. Turn on your gentlemen manners and charm, but pay more attention to your Albanian cute women than yourself. Don’t forget that Albanian women are astonished and pretty. They are one of the most popular in Eastern Europe. You can turn mirrors into windows together with the Albanian women. Do it right away!

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